Device-Focused MSPs Fail to Deliver Comprehensive IT Solutions to Credit Unions

I have had it with big companies attempting to monitor and manage small to medium business. Dell, HP, Ingram, and the list goes on, are now offering programs that only local businesses can deliver in a quality manner. And now Sonicwall has rolled out a managed security service. 

I am disheartened to see big vendors getting into Managed Services Programs (MSP). Big companies that stand up NOCs (somewhere) and try to deliver quality MSP services are not the route to success for a credit union. 

Credit Unions need to consider the following when selecting a good MSP:                                                                                     

  • How is third party due diligence  (covering insurance coverage, hiring, security controls, financials, etc.) handled? If your hard working IT manager has to rattle around to his vendors for this information then you have the wrong vendor.
  • What is the Disaster Recovery plan of the MSP? How can they help you?
  • How do they cover compliance and infrastructure?
  • Who owns them? Are they absent or involved?
  • Are they focused on growth for growth’s sake? Is there a reason for growing? What are their plans to handle growth?
  • Is the MSP focused on device management or is the MSP focused on being a trusted partner that will support the credit union from Architecture and Design all the way to Tier 1,2,3 IT operations support? 

I own a local MSP business that supports credit unions, and I strongly believe a credit union must partner with an MSP provider who has a vested local interest in the industry, the market, compliance needs, and all the other details and complexities that tend to escape large companies attempting to shoehorn “one size fits all” into the market. 

In my humble opinion, manufacturers of IT products like HP, Dell, Ingram and Sonicwall, should focus on building great products and less on delivering Managed Services.


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