Hello my name is Bill Murphy. I created this IT credit union strategy blog to help educate and provide information to credit unions in order to educate them on projects and challenges being wrangled through in the community in a variety of interesting areas. You can read a lengthier bio of me below if you would like to know more about me.

Murphy Bio

Bill Murphy is an IT credit union strategy consultant who works with senior level IT executives to develop multi-year strategy and IT roadmaps.

These roadmaps balance expenditure needed for compliance and operational readiness with Security, Infrastructure, and Disaster Recovery.  Mr. Murphy has been an IT credit union strategy consultant for over 10 years in these areas. He is also the founder of three organizations that support the credit union community:

1)RedZone Technologies – an 8 year old integration company focused on delivering solutions in four areas: MSP Managed Services, Security, Disaster Recovery, and Infrastructure.

2)IT CU Strategy  – a blog and community forum for credit union IT professionals who understand the imperative for IT to be viewed from a strategic perspective in these times of compliance and economic uncertainty.

3) CIO Executive Series Roundtable for Credit Unions – a Mid Atlantic group dedicated to fostering peer level communication to facilitate decision making.


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